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It was a winter's day and I had just arrived back from Asia after being away from England for 6 months. I feel it was in my best interests to get back into the photographing of girls in leather pants and boots along with the other items to keep up this fashionable website. So not everyday is a quick search for someone, it sometimes takes upto 3-6 months just to find the perfect person. This person took about 3 months of trawling through the portfolios for and i was very much impressed with everything about their profile. So after staying in London having just got back from a lot of travelling, i made my way back up north to get adjusted into the website making again. I trawled through many ideas and thnking about what attitudes would go with the girls leather jacket and everything else. I booked the appointment her for a month later as this would be in London, I had to book advance train tickets to keep the costs down. this website doesn't get a lot so a train journey would take about 3 months worth of website costs. It was still cold outside but that helped because it would probably be less busy in the town plus it is usually sunny in winter so it worked with the filming.

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